Pet Grooming Safety

While some pet owners may choose to groom their own pets, other owners may decide to take their pet for professional grooming. Deciding on a particular groomer requires a thorough investigation. It is important to meet the groomer who will be grooming your pet and to tour the grooming facility. A host of injuries or even death may occur during grooming. If a groomer does not feel comfortable around a particular pet, the groomer should contact the pet’s owner and not groom the pet.

The purpose of this website is to make pet owners aware of the dangers that may occur while your pet is being groomed professionally. While some groomers are registered or certified by a grooming school or professional association, no government agency regulates or licenses pet groomers. This business lacks repercussions if serious injuries or deaths occur. Be proactive in researching a groomer who will be taking care of your pet.

  1. Life-threatening injuries to pets can occur during routine grooming.

  2. Improper grooming techniques can cause severe injuries and death:

  3. • Broken bones from being dropped
    • Eye injuries
    • Lacerations or blunt trauma to various parts of the body
    • Overheating while being dried
    • Falling off a grooming table
    • Strangling

  4. Currently there are no laws in Kentucky requiring groomers to be licensed or certified by the government, such as governmental agency oversight of qualifications, training, supervision, or discipline of negligent groomers. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has ranked Kentucky as the weakest state for animal protection for the 6th year in a row.